Introduction to Tax Planning at BELANS

At BELANS, we specialise in demystifying the labyrinth of international taxation, ensuring legal compliance while maximising tax efficiency.
Our expert team is adept at navigating tax laws across jurisdictions, offering tailored solutions for a broad range of clients.
Tax planning in the global arena is a pivotal aspect of financial strategy for individuals and businesses alike.

Comprehensive Tax Planning Services:

4 Pillars of Tax Planning:

BELANS’s tax planning services are meticulously designed to cater to diverse international needs, ensuring your venture’s prosperity in the global market.

The landscape of personal taxation varies significantly across countries, especially when considering relocation. High-income countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and most EU countries, enforce complex laws like Exit Taxes, which can impose significant financial burdens during emigration.
Smart relocation of business to a low-tax jurisdiction can significantly enhance your financial freedom and business reinvestment opportunities.
Entrepreneurs often seek countries with a more favourable tax climate. However, choosing a new tax residency requires understanding the nuanced tax policies of potential destinations. We delve into the specifics of each jurisdiction, be it a country with a territorial tax regime or one offering tax exemptions on foreign-sourced income.
Choosing a new base for your company involves a comprehensive analysis of both business and personal circumstances, as these aspects are deeply interlinked.
BELANS specialises in pre-emptive exit planning, collaborating with international tax experts to minimise your tax liabilities legally and effectively. Our approach goes beyond standard local accounting practices, focusing instead on sophisticated strategies to protect your assets from excessive taxation.
At BELANS, we recognise that many jurisdictions impose Exit Taxes on businesses too. Our strategic planning includes assessing these potential costs, helping you navigate the legal landscape to minimise tax liabilities during the relocation of your business.
Our expertise ensures that you are well-informed about the tax implications of assets and income types that remain in your home country, including the effects of double taxation treaties, or their absence, between your home and new country.
At BELANS, we advocate for a holistic approach, considering all angles of your entrepreneurial vision and future growth plans. Not every tax-advantageous country will be the right fit for your business; hence, we evaluate multiple factors, including the overall business environment, legal framework, and market accessibility, to ensure that your chosen jurisdiction aligns perfectly with your long-term objectives.
Personal Tax in Home Country:
Corporate Tax in Home Country:
Personal Tax in New Country:
Corporate Tax in New Country:
Personal tax in home country
Note: This is a critical consideration, especially in countries with stringent tax laws for citizens and tax residents moving abroad. Exit taxes and other related regulations can significantly impact an individual’s financial planning.
Note: This is particularly relevant for businesses planning to relocate. The potential imposition of exit taxes on businesses is an important factor to consider for maintaining financial health during and after the transition.
Personal tax in new country
Note: Understanding the tax regime of the destination country is vital for effective financial planning. It involves comprehending how different types of income will be taxed and the implications of residency status on taxation.
Note: Choosing a new domicile for a company is indeed a complex process that requires careful consideration of various factors, including tax regimes, business environment, legal constraints, and how these align with the company's long-term goals.
Corporate tax in home country
Corporate tax in new country
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Special Consideration for US Citizens and Green Card Holders:

As US citizens and green card holders are subject to worldwide taxation, our tailored strategies are designed to manage their unique obligations.
We focus on optimising their global tax liabilities, considering the implications of the US’s far-reaching tax system on their international income and assets.
BELANS partners with the world class international tax specialists to ensure full compliance for our clients where no stone is left unturned.

Advanced Tax Planning Strategies:

Our advanced strategies include:

Cross-Border Taxation Solutions:
Managing taxes on international transactions and operations.
International Tax Compliance:
Ensuring adherence to complex global tax regulations.
Business Transition Strategies:
Guidance on business mergers, acquisitions, and market expansions.
Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation:
Strategies for asset management and legacy planning.
Tax Efficiency Audits:
Evaluating current structures for potential improvements.
At BELANS, our approach combines deep expertise with a personalised understanding of your business and personal wealth objectives.
Our team’s experience in international corporate law, finance, and tax planning ensures that your tax planning aligned precisely with your goals.

Why Choose BELANS for Tax Planning: