Philosophy and approach

At BELANS, our journey began with a fundamental belief: that the solutions we provide should be as unique as the needs, businesses, and life goals of our clients. We've steered clear 
of the one-size-fits-all approach, instead creating a diverse mosaic of services across multiple jurisdictions, each meticulously tailored to solve specific problems. 
We are driven by the philosophy that your unique needs, business dynamics, and life goals should dictate the trajectory of our services, not the other way around.
Our strength lies in the comprehensive, holistic analysis, setting us apart from service providers who may excel locally but overlook the broader, global implications. We do not limit ourselves to promoting a singular country's benefits or pushing a one-dimensional product, we understand the nuances of how different jurisdictions interact.
It is extremely crucial to understand the implications that will arise in the home country once a client registers 
a company, opens accounts and obtains residence 
in another country.

Choose BELANS for
a partnership where
your aspirations are understood, your business is valued, and your success is our mission.

I am an Australian Russian of Greek heritage, (a bit of a mix hey?) with a business degree in Accountancy from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia and 13 years of experience in international finance, accounting and corporate structuring. I genuinely enjoy building corporate structures and finding best options for companies to operate in the most tax efficient, legal and secure way while protecting assets from the unpredictable turbulence of the modern world.

My main driver and passion is creating family oriented structures in order to preserve wealth over multiple generations .

Since graduation I have progressed through local Australian businesses to listed and multinational companies and currently hold interest in lucrative businesses both technological and in the real sector. As a client I have experienced a multitude of business service providers, advisors, accountants, auditors and found that the majority with a few exceptions did not tick all of my boxes.
About founder, long story short:
I have created BELANS to help like minded entrepreneurs to build anti-fragile structures and create generational wealth.
Thank you for joining me today
Pavel Belan
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Long story:

In the heart of BELANS lies a story that goes beyond just starting a business. It's about bringing a dream to life. As the founder, my journey has been driven by a deep passion for building something meaningful – a business that's about more than just making money, but creating a lasting legacy for future generations.

It was my deep-rooted interest in generational wealth, asset protection, and business diversification that set the foundation for BELANS. With an extensive background in international corporate finance and the complexities of multinational structures, I've navigated the global tapestry of service providers, delved into copious legal frameworks, and crafted countless strategic documents.

Building BELANS: A Legacy Beyond Profit

Origin of a Visionary Enterprise

I've encountered a recurring theme: the scarcity of quality information, the prevalence of flawed data, and services that fell short of high standards. This prompted a personal mission to assemble solutions for business and families — forging anti-fragile, robust corporate structures that have stood the test of time and turbulence, both online and in the brick-and-mortar sectors.
BELANS was born from a desire to offer unparalleled, bespoke service in the very jurisdictions where my ongoing business interests have provided me with unique insights and network. At BELANS, we prioritise best practices and a personal approach to address the complex needs of our clients. The same expertise that has been instrumental in the success of our internal ventures for years is now available to you, our valued clientele.
Our ethos is clear: we are not chasing volumes; we are fostering partnerships. We aim for the pinnacle of client retention by diving deep into your challenges, embracing your business interests as if they were our own, and delivering solutions that are not just effective but exemplary.

From Challenges to Innovation

The Cornerstone of BELANS: Excellence in Service

Partnership, Not Just Provider

Embark on a journey with BELANS, where your business ambitions are met with integrity, precision, and a commitment to excellence that is second to none.
Integrity is our business
Pavel Belan

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