Multi – jurisdictional corporate structures by BELANS

Our approach combines deep industry knowledge with a thorough understanding of international business laws and tax regulations, ensuring your enterprise thrives across borders.

Navigating Global Business Landscape with Expertise and Precision

At BELANS, we bring an A-level expertise and first hand experience to every multi-jurisdictional corporate structure we design.

Why Multi – Jurisdictional Corporate Structures?

Enter the realm of global business expansion where complexity meets opportunity. At BELANS, we specialise in crafting multi-jurisdictional corporate structures that are not just compliant but strategically optimised for global growth, financial and tax efficiency.
Our services are designed for clients who seek to diversify, protect assets, and capitalise on international market potentials. Understand how our bespoke corporate structures can be the cornerstone of your global success.

Advantages of
Multi – Jurisdictional Structures:


Acquire a structure that is engineered to withstand and adapt to ever increasing uncertainty of the world. Diversify from a single geographical location that may turn hostile against your business.
Global Market Access:
Expand your business reach, tap into new markets, and enjoy the freedom of cross-border trade, unique services and access to talent.
Tax Efficiency:
Navigate the complexities of international tax laws to optimise your tax position legally and effectively. Gain competitive advantage over competition.
Enhanced Privacy and Confidentiality: 

Maintain discretion in business operations with structures that offer higher levels of privacy.
Asset Protection:
Safeguard your assets against uncertainties and diversify your investment portfolio across different jurisdictions.
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Practical Applications of Multi – Jurisdictional Structures:

Most common understanding of setting up companies in various countries is that these legal entities are doing the same thing but in different locations.
While this is true and a working strategy for many industries, there is another strategy that is being utilised by our clients. «Departmentalisation by location» is a very powerful structure that is designed to bring unparalleled efficiencies.
BELANS helps businesses to build the most suitable structure for companies in different industries. Below is an example of an efficient multi-jurisdictional structure that will result in the total corporate tax burden of 10% and below. Depending on the business requirements and jurisdictions used it can often be 5% or even 0% all up.
Of course the setup and maintenance costs are an important consideration, that’s why at BELANS we always perform ROI calculation to compare your current tax exposure and maintenance costs against the proposed structure. It is also imperative to incorporate into a structure model the important aspects such as Transfer Pricing.

Example of a very efficient, flexible and robust structure

Reputable jurisdiction with favourable laws designed to host holding companies with 0% dividend tax, capital gains tax, royalty tax and access to safe banking, crypto platforms and other perks.
A profit-generating entity in a tax-advantageous jurisdiction with 0% - 10% corporate income tax coupled with robust banking and payment solutions, including crypto-friendliness.

Holding company - Country A

Operating company - Country B

This is an example of a comprehensive structure that BELANS builds for our clients and is adjusted to every specific situation. Often it can be composed of only Holding and Operating companies where two jurisdictions are sufficient to achieve the desired goal while keeping the taxes and running costs low.
Alternatively the structure can be much more complex across more jurisdictions that serve different purposes that are important to the business and provide value to stakeholders while keeping the tax burden low and providing greater asset protection.
Positioned in jurisdictions like the US, Australia or EU for client fund acquisition, enhancing brand presence and building client trust.

Billing company or Agency - Country C
(e.g. US, Australia)

A jurisdiction with ideal for your business skill to wage ratio. Time zone compatibility, language proficiency, cultural and professional aspects that are in alignment with your management style. 

Back office or Staffing company - Country D

Our distinct edge that sets us apart is the fact that our founder, Pavel Belan, has built structures for successful companies as an internal stakeholder either holding top management positions or business interest in them. In essence being a client, working through multiple scenarios, services and pitfalls.
With BELANS, you are not just choosing a service provider, but a partner who brings deep expertise in international corporate law, finance, and tax planning. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to designing and implementing structures that resonate with your specific business goals and personal wealth strategies.


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