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If your business requires a strong presence in Mainland China, our tailored solutions are time tested and designed to navigate these complexities, ensuring a smooth and successful entry into the Chinese market.
Your Gateway to Business Success in the Heart of Asia
Welcome to BELANS China, where we specialise in providing comprehensive business services to facilitate your venture in one of the world's most dynamic, fast-growing and complex markets. At BELANS, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with doing business in China.
Steps to register company in China Mainland
Choose corporate entity
Reserve company name
Prepare supporting documents
File for registration
Apply for relevant business license
Secure a company chop
Open a corporate bank account
Register with tax bureau
Meet financial reporting and tax obligations

Our Core Services:

China Company Registration:
  • Company registration process, tailored to your business needs. Industry specific strategic and location advice.
  • Expert guidance on legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Assistance in setting up Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises (WFOEs), Joint Ventures, and Representative Offices.
Office Rental Solutions:
  • Access to prime office locations in major Chinese cities.
  • Flexible rental agreements suited to your business scale and budget.
  • Comprehensive support.
Banking Assistance:
  • Facilitation of corporate bank account openings with leading Chinese and international banks.
  • Guidance on navigating China’s banking regulations.
  • Support with currency exchange and international transactions.
Customs and Tax Authority Registration:
  • Assistance in registering with local customs and tax authorities.
  • Advisory services on import/export regulations and tax optimisation.
  • Regular updates on changes in customs and tax policies.
VAT Registration and Compliance:
  • Streamlined VAT registration process.
  • Ongoing VAT compliance and advisory services including VAT Refund process and requirements.
  • Expertise in navigating China’s complex VAT system.
Local Workforce Hiring Assistance:
  • Support in recruiting skilled local talent.
  • Guidance on labour laws, contracts, and employee benefits.
  • Solutions for expatriate staff, including visa and relocation services.
Intellectual Property Protection:
  • Trademark registration.
  • Comprehensive services for IP registration and protection.
Supply Chain Management:
  • A-la-carte warehousing and procurement solutions.
  • Optimisation of supply chain operations within China.
  • Assistance in identifying and liaising with local suppliers.
Corporate Compliance and Risk Management:
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring to adhere to Chinese business laws and regulations.
  • Risk assessment and management strategies to safeguard your business.

Additional Services Tailored for the Chinese Market:

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Do you really need a China company:

In our experience the majority of businesses that work with China do not require a company inside China Mainland and are better off setting up in Hong Kong or Singapore.
However, if your business strategy necessitates a strong local presence in Mainland China, BELANS is here to facilitate your journey.
Our specialised services are designed to smoothly guide you through the complexities, ensuring a successful and compliant business setup in the Chinese market.
Partnering with BELANS for your business endeavours in China offers numerous advantages, ensuring that your venture not only complies with the complex local regulations but also thrives in this dynamic market:
At BELANS China, we are committed to being your trusted partner, offering not just services but solutions that align with your business goals.
With our local expertise and global perspective, we are here to ensure that your business thrives in China's vibrant and competitive landscape.

Why partner with BELANS in China?

China’s business environment is known for its regulatory complexity. BELANS brings extensive knowledge and experience in navigating these intricacies, making the process of setting up and operating a business in China more manageable and compliant.
From company registration, office rental, and banking assistance to more specialised services like customs and tax authority registration, VAT registration, and local workforce hiring, BELANS offers a broad spectrum of services that cover every aspect of doing business in China.
Navigating the legal and regulatory framework in China can be daunting. BELANS ensures that your business remains compliant with local laws and regulations, minimising risks and protecting your interests.
BELANS views its relationship with clients as a long-term partnership, offering ongoing support and services to ensure the continuous success and growth of your business in China.
Understanding local market nuances is crucial for success in China. BELANS provides localised support and insights, helping you to adapt your business model to fit the unique Chinese market, culture, and consumer behaviour.
Whether your business needs a local Chinese entity, or would be better served through an alternative like a Hong Kong or Singapore company, BELANS offers strategic advice to determine the best structure for your business goals.
Recognizing that each business has its unique challenges and requirements, BELANS offers customised solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your business in the Chinese context.

Expertise in Navigating Complexity:

Comprehensive Service Portfolio:

Risk Management and Compliance:

Long-term Partnership and Support:

Localised Support and Insight:

Strategic Advisory on Business Structure:

Customised Solutions for Unique Challenges: