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Why UAE, Specifically Dubai?

Dubai is a beacon of opportunity for businesses worldwide, recognised for its strategic location as a global crossroads, world-class infrastructure, and pro-business government policies.
The city is synonymous with luxury, innovation, and a multicultural environment that brings together the best minds from around the globe.
Its tax-free status, coupled with a well-established legal framework and access to a vast network of international markets, makes Dubai an irresistible destination for entrepreneurs and established businesses alike.
When it comes to thriving in the bustling and opulent city of Dubai, BELANS stands as your steadfast partner, offering a wide range of tailored corporate services designed to navigate the unique landscape of this global business hub.
Company Registration (Business Setup):
Navigate the complex landscape of business setup in Dubai with our expert assistance, ensuring your venture is established in compliance with local regulations and market demands.
Visa Services:
We offer a range of Residence visa services, including Work visa, Golden visa (Investor), Freelance visa, and Family visa, to facilitate your business operations and personal needs in Dubai.

Corporate Services:

Banking Assistance (Corporate and Personal):
Our experienced team provides indispensable support for your corporate and personal banking requirements, ensuring a seamless financial experience in Dubai.
Accounting and Payroll:
Our comprehensive services manage your financial records and payroll, ensuring precision and adherence to local laws.
VAT and Income Tax Registration:
We guide you through the necessary tax registrations, guaranteeing your business remains compliant with Dubai's tax regulations.
Secretarial Services:
Our secretarial support encompasses documentation, meeting arrangements, and a range of administrative tasks, providing you with the necessary resources to thrive.
Business License Renewal:
We handle the timely renewal of your business licence, ensuring your operations are always in line with local regulations.
Compliance and Government Applications:
Our team expertly navigates the complexities of government applications and compliance requirements, giving you peace of mind.
HR Management:
Trust us to manage your local workforce efficiently, ensuring compliance with Dubai's labour laws.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Services

Additional Services for Your Convenience:
Crypto License in Dubai:
Step into the future of finance with confidence, as we assist you in obtaining the necessary licence to legally operate your crypto-related business in Dubai.
Tax Residency Certificate:
Our assistance in obtaining a tax residency certificate ensures your business is recognised as a legitimate entity operating in Dubai.
Dubai real estate advice:
We assist our clients to navigate through the overwhelming Dubai real estate market and select ideal investments for their both residential and commercial.
Will Service:
Protect your assets and have peace of mind knowing your wishes will be honoured with our expert will services. It is important to have a will in UAE as Sharia law will apply to property inheritance in case no will has been made.
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dubai company formation

Mandatory office address
It is mandatory to have an office address Physical office or Flexi Desk is allowed.
Minimum paid-up capital
The paid-up capital requirements in Dubai vary depending on the company’s legal form.
100% foreign ownership
100% foreign ownership is allowed for majority of industries.
2 to 6 weeks to incorporate a company.
Freezone and Mainland
Foreigners can set up in Freezone or Mainland.
Obligation-Free Consultation
Dubai Residency Visa
UAE Company Registration (Free Zone or Mainland)
Bank Account Setup in UAE

Dubai Company Setup Process

a. Thorough evaluation of your specific needs and requirements.
a. Obtain an investor visa for business owners.
a. Comprehensive guidance through the registration process.
a. Tailored banking solutions for your business.
b. Exploring suitable company setup options.
b. Secure employee visas for your workforce.
b. Assistance in selecting the appropriate licence type.
b. Assistance with document preparation and submission.
c. Identifying business activities and deciding on the business location.
c. Facilitate dependent visas for your family.
d. Manage necessary medical tests to ensure a smooth process.
c. Support in assembling required documents and checking company name availability.
d. Complete the company registration procedure.
c. Ensuring compliance with bank requirements.
During the process we dedicate necessary time to determine your requirements and circumstances and follow the below 4 steps to set up your business in the UAE.
At BELANS UAE, we are committed to providing you with world-class corporate services that empower your business to reach its full potential. Our team of industry experts brings a wealth of knowledge and insight, ensuring you have the right support to navigate the dynamic and challenging business environment of Dubai.
Join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs and businesses that have trusted BELANS to be their pillar of support in the thriving city of Dubai. Let us be your strategic partner in achieving the freedom and security you seek for your family and business.

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