Personal Offshore Strategy by BELANS

BELANS presents the Personal Offshore Strategy – an all-encompassing approach for those aspiring to become true global citizens.

Embrace the World: Your Path to Global Citizenship

At BELANS, we understand the aspirations of high net worth individuals seeking a truly global presence.
Our Personal Offshore Strategy is a comprehensive, holistic plan tailored to encompass every aspect of going offshore.
From relocating and acquiring new residencies or citizenships to optimising personal tax exposure and asset protection, our strategy is designed to transform you into a global citizen, free and secure in your wealth and mobility.
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Global Relocation, Residency and Citizenship:
Corporate Structure Setup:
  • Expert guidance on obtaining residencies and citizenships in jurisdictions aligning with your lifestyle and investment goals.
  • Seamless transition plans for you and your family, ensuring comfort and stability.
  • Creation of efficient corporate structures in strategic offshore jurisdictions.
  • Expertise in the establishment and management of trusts, holdings, and business entities.
  • Strategic planning to legally optimise your personal tax exposure.
  • Assistance in changing tax residency to benefit from favourable tax regimes.
  • Assistance in opening corporate bank accounts across various jurisdictions.
  • Tailored banking solutions to meet your business needs and goals.
  • Establishing personal offshore bank accounts for enhanced financial flexibility and security.
  • Comprehensive asset diversification strategies to protect and grow your wealth.
Personal Tax Optimisation:
International Corporate Banking:
Offshore Banking and Asset Diversification:
  • Robust asset protection measures to safeguard your wealth against uncertainties.
  • Strategies to maintain and enhance your personal freedom and global mobility.
Asset Protection and Freedom Security:

Comprehensive Offshore Strategy:

A Tailored Approach to Global Living and Global Business

Holistic Tax Planning: Navigating Tax Affairs Before Relocation

Prioritising Tax Affairs in Your Personal Offshore Strategy

A crucial component of any successful Personal Offshore Strategy, especially for high net worth individuals, is the meticulous handling of tax affairs both in the home country and abroad.
At BELANS, we emphasise the importance of comprehensive tax planning before undertaking any relocation or global expansion. This foresight is essential to manage potential Exit Taxes and adapt to tax residency changes, which are critical factors in many high-income tax countries.

Integrating Tax Planning into the Relocation Process:

  • Evaluating your personal and corporate tax situation in your home country.
  • Understanding potential liabilities and planning to mitigate any adverse tax implications.
  • Expert navigation through the complexities of Exit Taxes that may apply when leaving home country, relocating assets and businesses.
  • Strategic advance planning to ensure compliance while minimising financial impact.
Assessment of Current Tax Obligations:
Managing Exit Taxes:
  • Analysing the impact of changing tax residency on your financial obligations.
  • Developing strategies to transition to a new tax regime smoothly and efficiently.
Tax Residency Considerations:
  • Working closely with tax advisors and accountants to align your offshore strategy with existing tax laws.
  • Ensuring that all planning is compliant with both home country and international tax regulations.
Liaison with Tax Professionals:
  • Ongoing tax planning to adapt to changing laws and personal circumstances.
  • Consideration of future tax implications in your offshore strategy to ensure long-term financial security.
Proactive Tax Planning for the Future:

Expertise, Discretion, and Customised Solutions

Partnering with BELANS for your Personal Offshore Strategy means entrusting your vision to a team committed to your success.

Why Choose BELANS?

Our global expertise, combined with a deep understanding of international regulations, positions us uniquely to offer solutions that are not only compliant but also aligned with your aspirations for a global lifestyle and business operations.