At BELANS, we don’t just set up companies; we craft solid foundations for them to flourish globally.
Our precise approach takes into account every aspect and peculiarity of the process and the jurisdiction, assuring you that your venture is set up for success from day one.

Geographical locations

Our expertise lies in various geographical areas that can be used to set up single company structure, multi-entity structure within same jurisdiction or multi-jurisdictional company structure
In Singapore:
Thrive in an environment of innovation and financial stability. We handle the complexities of incorporation, so you can benefit from Singapore’s thriving economy, pro-business tax laws and in our opinion best banking practices.
In Hong Kong:
Connect East with West in this financial epicentre. With our guidance, capitalise on Hong Kong’s low taxation and international business prowess. BELANS Hong Kong expertise, banking and audit contacts makes the set up worthwhile.
In the UAE:
Expand your reach into the Middle East and beyond. Our seasoned expertise guides you through the UAE’s diverse markets, offering unparalleled access to a booming economy with favourable fiscal policies and tax friendliness, both business and personal.
In China:
Launch into one of the world’s largest markets. We expertly navigate China’s intricate business landscape, ensuring that your company’s formation is efficient, compliant, and primed for success. Keep in mind that in the majority of cases business will not need to have mainland presence and HK or SG company is more than enough to do business with China as it is a complex jurisdiction to navigate and requires boots on the ground. 
Let BELANS help assess your needs in China mainland company and provide best solution to do business in or with China.
In Malta:
In Malta: BELANS offers a one of a kind EU corporate structure that legally pays 5% corporate income tax on qualifying income.
Benefit from a strategic position within the European Union. Our adept team ensures your company benefits from Malta’s robust legal system and advantageous corporate structures.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Our expertise extends across key global jurisdictions, enabling us to create tailored company structures — be it a singular entity, a complex multi-entity framework within a single jurisdiction, or an expansive multi-jurisdictional corporate structure.
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Singapore's reputation as a global financial hub is no accident. It's a product of its forward-thinking economic policies, robust legal framework, and an unmatched pro-business environment.
At BELANS, we leverage these attributes to your advantage, handling the complexities of incorporation with finesse.
World-class infrastructure and a strategic geographic position for business
A competitive tax system with various incentives for startups and established businesses
Renowned for its rigid adherence to the rule of law and transparency in business operations
Access to a highly skilled, multilingual workforce, and a gateway to the ASEAN markets
Singapore offers:

Singapore: The Pinnacle of Business Excellence

The UAE stands as a beacon of economic prosperity in the Middle East, characterised by its rapid growth and openness to international investors.
Benefit from the UAE's zero-tax regime on personal income and corporate income in the free zones.
Engage with a diverse, booming economy that's strategically located between the East and West trade routes
Access state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure, along with a stable political climate
Utilise the UAE's free zones that offer 100% foreign ownership, no import or export duties, and more
With BELANS, you can:

UAE: Your Launchpad to Global Markets

BELANS offers a one of a kind EU corporate structure that legally pays 5% corporate income tax on income derived outside Malta.
The EU country with a full imputation system, reducing corporate tax to 5% when professionally structured. Member of the Eurozone, providing seamless transactions within the EU
English as an official language, ensuring ease of business communication and documentation
Opportunity to obtain the EU residence permit
Strategic location in the Mediterranean with excellent connections to Europe and North Africa
Malta in a nutshell:

Malta: Your EU Gateway with Optimal Taxation

Hong Kong’s vibrant economy and business-friendly tax system make it a premier destination for international commerce.
With BELANS, you gain access to unparalleled banking and audit networks as well as smooth Offshore Profits Tax Exemption filing.
One of the lowest tax jurisdictions in the world, with a simple and low-rate tax system
Offshore Profits Tax Exemption - 0% corporate tax on income derived outside Hong Kong
Unrivalled access to the flourishing markets of Asia, especially as a gateway to mainland China
Robust Intellectual Property (IP) protection laws, fostering innovation and creativity
A well-established rule of law, with a legal system based on English Common Law
With BELANS, harness the benefits of Hong Kong's dynamic environment:

Hong Kong: The Nexus of East-West Business Synergy and Online Sales

China’s market size and economic influence are unparalleled, presenting unique opportunities and challenges.
Keep in mind that in the majority of cases business will not need to have mainland presence and HK or SG company is more than enough to do business with China as it is a complex jurisdiction to navigate and requires boots on the ground. 
BELANS helps to assess your needs in mainland China and provide the best solution to do business in or with China.
BELANS is your trusted guide through China's intricate corporate landscape:

China: The Global Market Giant

Access to the world's largest consumer market, offering massive scale for growth
Special Economic Zones (SEZs) that offer tax incentives and streamlined procedures
Growing internationalisation of the RMB, facilitating smoother international transactions
Strong governmental support for foreign direct investment in various industries

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Business Needs

Often we are able to propose alternative solutions to choose from in order to place business in a position to choose the most suitable option that solves the problem. 
At BELANS, understanding your business needs is our priority. Whether your goal is to diversify and protect your business while properly planning your tax exposure or you are looking to tap into the Asian markets, establish a foothold in the European Union or Middle East, we offer comprehensive support, ensuring your business setup is a smooth, well-informed process.
Instead of selling a single product like a company set up in a single jurisdiction we do a deep dive into your business and assess not only current requirements but also focus on future growth and vision of business management and owners. 
Some entrepreneurs prefer to have a backup strategy and systems in place in order to create an anti-fragile system that will sustain every challenge in the ever changing environment of the modern post 2020 world.