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Multi-jurisdictional Corporate Structures, Banking, Asset Protection and Tax Planning.
Generational Wealth, Family Enterprise, Ownership Structures.
BELANS specialises in transforming your business vision into a global enterprise. Our Company Formation service is custom-tailored to each unique business environment, including strategic locales such as Singapore, UAE, Malta, Hong Kong, and China.
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At BELANS, our experts are proficient in designing and implementing customised corporate structures. It is our specialised service, where we handle the intricacies of registering your business entities in multiple jurisdictions to create a secure structure, safeguard assets and manage tax exposure.
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Navigate the complexities of global finance with our tailored banking solutions, backed by a network of esteemed international banking partners.
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Rest assured, your assets are in good hands. Our team is committed to managing your fiduciary responsibilities with utmost precision and integrity.
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We develop robust strategies to shield your wealth from unforeseen risks, securing your legacy for generations to come.
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Our tax experts will guide you through the intricate web of international taxation, ensuring compliance while maximising your profits.
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Experience global freedom with our assistance in obtaining residence permits and citizenship, opening doors to new opportunities worldwide for business owners, management and employees.
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Our Business Relocation Service is designed to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition. We handle everything from compliance and legalities to logistics and setup, ensuring your business is up and running in its new location without any hiccups.
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Navigating the complexities of international mobility is made easy with our assistance in acquiring visas, residency, and citizenship, opening up a world of opportunities for you and your family.
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Visa, Residency, Citizenship

Embark on a journey to financial liberation and personal empowerment with our bespoke Action Plan. We meticulously craft a holistic strategy encompassing offshore tax optimisation, the acquisition of dual citizenship, impenetrable asset protection, and strategic global diversification. Let us navigate the intricacies of your personal and financial landscape, charting a course that safeguards your wealth, secures your freedom, and aligns with your aspirations for a prosperous future.
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At BELANS, we take pride in our personalised approach, ensuring that our solutions are not just effective but are also in line with your vision and values.
Our commitment to your success is unmatched, as we strive to be not just your consultants, but your partners in achieving the freedom and security you seek.


«BELANS» is a premiere international corporate consultancy firm, specialised in crafting and executing bespoke strategies that address your unique business challenges.

Who we are

Our extraordinarily talented team brings a wealth of experience in International Corporate Structures, Banking Solutions, Fiduciary Services, Asset Protection Strategies, and Tax Planning.
Additionally, we facilitate the acquisition of Residence Permits and Citizenship to unlock global opportunities for you and your business.